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A Canadian  Business that works with several non-profit organizations to raise funds and increase awareness.
What do we Do?
Multi-Cause Ontario is a business that provides a service to other businesses all across Ontario with a treat display.  Multi-Cause is a great believer in "paying it forward" so our main goal is to help out organizations, charities and individuals who are lacking the assistance they need to promote different local causes that are close to the hearts of the people. 
How do we give back?
A portion of the proceeds raised through our treat displays  is then donated to different charities, organizations and individuals once a month on an ongoing bases. 
What is your role?
It is only due to the generous support of caring people and companies that we are able to make a real difference in your communities.
What is your role as a business owner?
By saying yes to having our display  you are really saying yes to raising awareness while supporting local organizations, charities and individuals.
Also by keeping theft at a minimum we are able to donate to a wider variety of causes .
What is your role as a customer?
As a consumer by purchasing our fine confectionery you are assisting in raising funds to help out in your community.
Through displays one business at a time you are helping to create a better quality of life for people and organizations.
Thank you for your support, together we can make a difference!
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