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Mission Statement

Multi-Cause Ontario is a business that provides a service for different businesses in many communities all across Ontario via a treat Display which is packed with name brand products for local businesses, their staff and customers to enjoy. Multi-Cause Ontario believes in "Paying it Forward" by donating a portion of the proceeds to different charities and oranizations that are close to the hearts of people.


Product Mission

To distribute and sell the finest confectionery at an unbeatable price.  The products offered in the displays are from well-established companies in which everyone is familiar.


Economic Mission

To operate the company by raising money through our treat dislay while creating employment opportunities, giving back to the community, offering consumers rebated products, creating opportunities and awareness for various local organizations and contributing to the economy with the aid of local businesses.


Social Mission

To actively recognize the role that businesses can play in society.  This will help improve the quality of life through donations to various charities, organizations and individuals.





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